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YOMI / Alternative Artist Name Data(Provided by AIM)

What is YOMI? It is Japanese furigana (kana characters to indicate correspondent kanji) and phonetic representations of album titles, artist names and track titles.
With YOMI you can easily search and sort even a large volume of CD titles saved on a hard disk drive in your satellite navigation system or car audio system.
In addition, YOMI lets you retrieve the music you like by sound identification.

Alternative Artist Name Data This is data on nicknames or abbreviated names of artists whose music information Gracenote provides.
Alternative Artist Name Data allows you to search artists and music by well-known nicknames or abbreviations.

※YOMI/Alternative Artist Name are provided by AIM.For further information, please contact us.

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YOMI / Alternative Artist Name Data introduction

Gracenote MusicID® CD

Gracenote invented CD recognition and ushered in the digital music revolution.
Gracenote MusicID is the industry standard for music recognition.
With Gracenote MusicID CD technology, users can rip CDs into their library without having to type in all of the track names, or artist and album information.
Gracenote automatically recognizing the CD and delivering the correct music metadata and Album Cover Art from Gracenote Media Database.
Today, Gracenote continues to power CD recognition features in millions of cars, laptops and sound systems to identify discs and deliver Cover Art and data.

Gracenote MusicID® File

Combines audio fingerprinting and text matching to identify digital music files stored on laptops, smart phones and in the Cloud.
Once recognized, files are organized by track name, album name and folder paths to make sure the right songs and albums are always matched.

Gracenote MusicID® Stream

MusicID Stream is the backbone for media monitoring services, enabling them to identify copyrighted music for compliance and royalty management.
It also powers many popular music Apps, letting fans identify songs by simply holding their phones to the music.

Gracenote MusicID® text

Identifies music content using text information.
Text inputs can come from any source including digital files on a driver’s smart-phone, USB device or through broadcast sources that transmit that information.
Upon a successful recognition, Gracenote Data associated with the song is returned to the Licensed Device by the Gracenote servers.

Gracenote MusicID® Radio

Gracenote MusicID Radio brings order to the chaos by identifying music playing from every possible music source and delivering consistent metadata and Cover Art to the driver’s dashboard.
Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology built into the car’s audio system continuously identifies music playing from AM/FM, CDs, satellite radio and streaming services.

Gracenote MoodGridTM

Gracenote MoodGrid visually describes the emotional attributes of music, from “calm” to “energetic” and “dark” to “positive”.
These mood characteristics are mapped to songs in music collections and across Cloud-based music services, allowing users to create playlists to match their mood.

Gracenote RhythmTM

Gracenote Rhythm is a discovery and recommendations platform that provides algorithms and data to form the backbone of the next wave of great music services.
Every streaming music service on the planet is driven by data.
It’s an essential ingredient to today’s music experiences.
And Gracenote has descriptive data for practically every song ever recorded.
All of this descriptive information is used to make deep connections between artists and tracks, creating radio stations and playlists that share common musical characteristics.

Gracenote introduction

Gracenote, the Gracenote logo and logotype, Gracenote Music ID, Gracenote MoodGrid, Gracenote Rhythm are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Gracenote, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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