Aim Corporation is an independent software development company which was founded in 1987 to develop customized built-in firmware.
Since our inception, we have mainly been engaged with software development projects such as dam/river control systems, traffic surveillance control systems, building control systems, and communication facility control systems.

We have learned two important things. They are "Emphasis on quality" and "Observance of deadlines". The level of quality will always affect the schedule, and giving top priority to the deadline may adversely affect quality. How to deal with these conflicting issues is a very difficult issue.
Through a trial and error process, we have developed our capability and know-how, and we have shifted to developing products for general users, such as car navigation devices and software for mobile phones.

We also managed the development of the Japanese CDDB (CD Data Base) server, and released a music player software for Windows. It was a new challenge for us. We had believed that this sort of service would be utilized from home appliances rather than computers. Later we formed a business tie-up with Gracenote (CDDB Inc. as it was called at that time), and CDDB was used for Pioneer Company's HDD car navigation system.

Currently, we are member of Ubiquitous AI Corporation group and an official development partner of Gracenote Corporation.

Our fundamental principle is to develop and prosper, hoping you will regard our company as a partner. If there is anything we can help with you, do not hesitate to contact us.

CEOSatoshi Hasegawa
COOKenji Sugawara