The following items are about the privacy policy of the websites managed by AIM Corporation ( "Personal information" means information which is identified about an individual customer, such as name, mail address, telephone number and address. We understand the importance of personal information provided by our customers and manage it properly. We give our staff training and self-development while trying to work on the protection of personal information.

Regarding the access log

When a customer accesses our website, the customer's access history (access log) is saved automatically. During regular usage of our website, the following customer information is saved: the provider's name, the browser's name and its version, the type of operating system, sites accessed, pages accessed, time and date of access, and duration of stay. These kinds of information are to be used for improving user-friendliness after statistical analysis of website visits and usage. Your personal information will not be saved with the access log.

Regarding collection of personal information

You may be asked to provide personal information on our website. In that case, we will clarify the purpose and extent of collection to you in advance.

Regarding usage of personal information

Personal information is used strictly for development of better products, improvement of services, and other legitimate purposes. Statistical data based on personal information will be utilized for better website management.

Regarding protection and management of personal information

The department of AIM Corporation which deals with personal information is conducting strict security measures to prevent the loss, inappropriate use, and falsification of personal information. However, security at the time of access and while sending personal information can not be guaranteed because of the nature of Internet security. We would like to ask you to take full responsibility when you send us personal information. In addition, please note that we will not take any responsibility for personal information collected on third party websites which are linked from our website.

Regarding disclosure of personal information to third parties

Principally, we will not, except in the case of shared use between groups, disclose personal information to other companies or individuals without your agreement. (However, in some cases we may give personal information to other companies which have signed a nondisclosure contract with us for the purpose of sending documents or products, and outsourcing data analysis.) However, if you cause damage to another person by using our website and then you are held liable for compensation, or if we are asked to disclose your personal information by public organizations such as courts of justice and police, we may agree to disclose your personal information.

Regarding Shared use within the Ubiquitous AI Corporation groups

Within the Ubiquitous AI Corporation group, personal information handled by group companies may be shared within the group. The personal information acquired by our company may be shared within the group within the scope as specified below.

  1. Purpose of Use
    ・To respond to inquiries or requests from customers, business partners, etc
    ・To guide products and services handled by group companies
    ・To guide information of seminars, exhibitions and so on organized or sponsored by group companies
  2. Items of Shared Use
    Contact information such as company name, name, address, department name, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, contents of inquiry, product and service purchase history, event participation history
  3. Shared Users
    ・Ubiquitous AI Corporation
    ・Other Ubiquitous AI Corporation group companies
  4. Manager in Charge of Shared Use
    Ubiquitous AI Corporation

Regarding inquiries

If you would like to inquire about your personal information, please contact it more than an inquiry form.

Regarding revision of this page

Due to applicable laws and regulations for personal information, the advancement of Internet technology, and changes in our service, we may revise the contents of this privacy policy. The revised contents will be mentioned on this page.

The above contents apply in Japan.